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Legal services to residents of Ukraine

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Legal issues can arise in any situation, but to protect their own interests, you can take advantage of free legal advice in real time.


To resolve a conflict requires an experienced lawyer specializing in a particular branch of law. Our employees have solid practical experience. This is confirmed by the high percentage of successfully completed cases.


In order to obtain the highest quality legal assistance, clients are required to provide complete information relevant to a particular situation. Guarantee of confidentiality and individual approach to each client allows us to achieve more significant result.


When applying to our center for qualified legal services, in addition to free legal advice, you can also use paid services, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices that are available to all categories of citizens.


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Legal services for enterprises and organizations

The center of legal support of the population and business provides high-quality services, including subscription legal service. On..

Legal assistance in banking matters

The center of legal support of the population and business renders the qualified help in the solution of credit disputes. Our experts..

Services of a lawyer in criminal cases

Cases concerning the Commission of criminal offences in the economic, economic and other spheres are among the most difficult in the..

Preparation of legal opinion

A legal or legal opinion is a written document that contains the expert judgment of a specialist in a particular field of law on the..

Consultation Of auto lawyer

Got into a traffic accident and need the help of a lawyer? Please contact the center for legal support of the population and business. A..

Administrative case

Administrative cases are disputes arising between citizens and other natural or legal persons (enterprise, organization, company), public..

Lawyer for family Affairs

The assistance of a family lawyer is necessary in dealing with sensitive family conflicts. Often, participants in a dispute make extremely..

Resolution of labor disputes

Labor disputes in the enterprise arise in cases where human rights to decent work, prescribed in the employment contract between the..

Civil Dispute Advocate

The Center for Legal Support for the Population and Business provides qualified legal assistance in civil litigation. Qualified experts..

Why should you contact a judicial lawyer?

The success of any legal proceeding depends on many factors. It is not enough just to know the norms of the law, it is necessary to analyze..

Counsel for economic Affairs - 95% success

When conducting business, businessmen will certainly encounter conflict issues in the courts of many instances. This category of disputes..

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You sign up for a free legal consultation by phone or via the feedback form

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Come at the appointed time. Our lawyer meets You, advises on Your question

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